Learn how to start a mural painting business!

If you want to learn how to start your own business painting murals, the Start A Mural Business DVD workshop will answer those tough questions and give your new art career a fast and professional launch, all while maintaining a low start-up cost. Whether you are a graduating art major looking for a career or you are retiring and want to finally pursue your dream of painting murals for some extra money; I can show you how to get started. Painting murals is a very exciting job but learning what to charge and how to handle contracts is no fun at all. Together we will create a strong foundation that you can build the future of your business on. You will not be as worried about the business so you can concentrate on the fun part, painting!

Art is a visual medium and video is one of the fastest ways to learn how to paint murals! If you have ever painted a faux finish or mural or just enjoy drawing & painting, the START A MURAL BUSINESS DVD box set will be a great help to you for years to come! You will become better, faster and your work will outshine the competition, allowing you to charge $450. – $600. or more for a days work. Knowledge that will enable you to turn your talent into a career.